landempty: the opposite of landfill

  instead of this: try this:
wrapping paper cloth gift bags (Lilywrap, Bag-all) or cloth wrapping (furoshiki/bojagi, BOBO scarves, scarfes, aprons, sheets, used paper)
greeting cards and envelopes edible gingerbread greeting cards
disposable batteries rechargeable batteries
paper towels "unpaper" cloth towels (City Threads, Birdseye Unpaper Towels, Unpaper Towels, or make your own), Bambooee bamboo unpaper towels, or biodegradable Skoy Cloth
single-use grocery bags reusable grocery bags (ChicoBag, Baggu, EarthSaks, Joey Totes)
single-use plastic produce bags reusable cloth produce bags (Ecobags, Simple Ecology)
disposable plastic bulk food bags reusable cloth bulk food bags
plastic zipper bags (like Ziploc) Colibri bags or other reusable cloth snack bags
plastic sandwich bags Wrap-N-Mat, Colibri bags, Onya sandwich wrap, handmade sandwich wrap, Foldable Napkin, or cloth sandwich bag
foil, plastic/saran wrap, wax paper, etc. reusable silicone lid, glass storage containers, Wrappa vegan reusable food wraps, Wegreeco, Wrap-N-Mat, or other sandwich wrap
disposable takeout containers and
disposable leftover containers
stainless steel containers (New Wave Enviro, LunchBots, Thermos jars, Mason jars, Cuisinart lidded bowls, airtight stainless steel containers, etc.), powder coated camping eatery, Greentainers, glass/Pyrex containers, or bento box
paper plates reusable ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or powder coated camping plates
paper napkins reusable cloth napkins (cotton dinner napkins, Rawganique hemp napkins, etc.)
disposable utensils (forks, spoons, knives) reusable metal or bamboo utensils, or utensil sets
disposable paper or plastic bags for lunch stainless steel lunch box (ECOlunchbox, Ecozoi Leak Proof) or reusable cloth bag (Rebel Green, Art of Lunch Insulated Neoprene, I'm Organic, terratote, Milkdot, etc.)
disposable bags with ice packs for lunch plastic-free insulated lunch bag, Art of Lunch Insulated Neoprene, or other insulated lunch bag
disposable straws glass straws (Glass Dharma, Strawesome, Straws by Carli, Ecoglassstraws, Glass Paradise, etc.), stainless steel straws, or no straw
disposable plastic or paper tablecloths handmade reusable cloth tablecloth or other reusable cloth tablecloth
disposable placemats handmade cloth placemats or other reusable cloth placemats
single-use plastic water bottles reusable stainless steel bottle
disposable coffee or tea cup stainless steel travel mug
single-use cardboard coffee sleeve reusable silicone coffee sleeve, neoprene coffee sleeve, felt coffee sleeve, or cloth or knitted coffee sleeve
disposable coffee filters reusable cloth coffee filter or cold brew stainless steel filter
disposable tea bags loose leaf tea and a Tea Straw or Health Tea Wand, or a glass teapot with glass or metal infuser
paper or plastic bags to carry wine bottles padded wine tote or reusable wine carrier
plastic bag to wrap bread bread box or reusable cloth bread bag
single-use paper baking cups reusable silicone baking cups
disposable hot pack microwavable flax-filled bag or hot water bottle
plastic bag filled with ice reusable ice bag or flax-filled bag stored in the freezer
styrofoam cooler metal cooler or insulated thermal bag
plastic bags for wet or dirty clothes reusable wet bag
dryer sheets reusable fiber dryer balls, reusable wool dryer balls, or air dry your clothes
detergent soapnuts, etc. (can be re-used several times until the shells start to become soft and grey; then compost them)
traditional sponges zero waste compostable sponges or Twist plant-based sponges
vacuum bags bagless vacuum
disposable sweeper sheets (like Swiffer) reusable cloths inserts for Swiffer sweepers or a broom and dustpan
disposable mopping (like Swiffer WetJet) reusable cloths inserts for Swiffer WetJet or a regular mop
disposable dusting cloths (like Pledge) microfiber dusting cloths or rags
disposable sheet lint rollers washable sticky lint roller
plastic trash can/bin liners reusable trash bin/can liner or pillow case ← favorite
staples staple-free stapler ← favorite
traditional pens refillable carbon-offset bamboo pen
disposable and/or plastic baby utensils metal silverwear, bamboo utensils, or handmade wood utensils
disposable baby cups (like Take & Toss) stainless steel sippy cup, Thermos Foogo straw bottle, or stainless steel kids' sports bottle
disposable baby food containers stainless steel containers (Mighty Hippo minis, sidekicks, or Thermos Foogo jar)
disposable wet wipes reusable, biodegradeable, cloth Wysi Wipe tablets, Marleys Monsters cloth wipes, or other reusable wipes
disposable baby wipes cloth baby wipes or washcloths (use only for urine for simpler cleaning)
disposable diapers cloth diapers, Boingo diapers, or gDiapers (reusables with flushable liners)
[see also the compostable diaper service in the San Francisco Bay Area]
disposable swim diapers reusable swim diapers
disposable post-partum pads cloth pads (Morxy bamboo pads, Wegreeco bamboo pads, Domino Pads, Glad Rags, Lunapads, Imse Vimse, or handmade cloth postpartum pads) or postpartum undearwear
single-use dental flossers dental water jet, Eco-Dent GentleFloss (vegan and in a plastic-free housing), reusable dental floss handle, PerioTwist, or Wingbrush
toothbrush and toothpaste miswak, etc. ← newest addition
disposable facial cleansing cloths or pads Marleys Monsters cloth wipes, cotton flannel facial scrubbers, or reusable crocheted facial scrubbers
cotton balls cotton flannel facial scrubbers or reusable crocheted facial scrubbers
tissues (like Kleenex) cloth handkerchiefs, etc., etc.
toilet paper cloth wipes or washcloths (use only for urine for simpler cleaning)
sunscreen parasol
shampoo Nohbo or no shampoo
disposable razors safety razor, straight razor, electric razor, or electric epilator (tweezer device)
chemical depilatories (like Nair) permanent hair remover or electric epilator
disposable kits for hair removal at the root electric epilator, stripless waxing, sugaring (recipe or recipe), threading, or tweezing
cotton swabs and disposable make-up applicators washable silicone make-up sponge, cosmetic Smudge Eye Sponge, DIY from a Crayola Marker kit, or no make-up
tampons silicone menstrual cup (FemmyCycle Cup, DivaCup, MoonCup, SckoonCup, Zen Gina Cup, Lunette Cup, Lily Cup, Yuuki Cup, Lena Cup, Blossom Cup, or The Keeper)
single-use menstrual pads cloth pads (Domino Pads, Glad Rags, Morxy bamboo pads, Lunapads, Imse Vimse, Tiktaks pads New Moon Pads, or handmade cloth menstrual pads) or Thinx underwear
disposable adult diapers reusable adult diapers
disposable plastic bags for dog droppings Skooperbox (not reusable but compostable and made from recycled material)

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